The better way to think about
Human Resources, Employee Benefits,
and Risk Management.

The better way to
think about
HR, Benefits, and
Risk Management.

As consultants and PEO brokers, The OIS Group specializes in evaluating options inside and outside of a PEO relationship. While these services have traditionally been sold in silos, we take a holistic approach to understand your needs, save time, and obtain cost effective results.


We simplify the due diligence process, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and prepare a detailed market analysis which enables our clients to make well informed decisions.

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HR Outsourcing
Finding the Right Solution for Your HR Needs
Manage Your Best Asset With The Best Technology
Employee Benefits
Never Again Lose An Employee Because Of Benefits
Executive Benefits
Retain Key Executives
Workers' Compensation
By definition, risks exist where you don’t expect them to be.
Business Insurance
Prepare for Unforeseen Circumstances
Personal Insurance
Have an expert review your personal insurance needs.
Navigate International Human Resources with Ease.

Read what The OIS Group clients have to say:

We had 7 PEO proposals on the table and couldn’t decide which one to use or if PEO was the right fit. We were then introduced to an OIS consultant that reviewed our existing proposals, prepared a detailed, side by side market analysis and ultimately negotiated a better deal and helped place us with the most suitable PEO for our needs.” We’ve now been with this PEO for 6 years.”

CFO of a 500-employee restaurant group

We had been with different PEOs over the years but simply did not want to go through the headache of meeting with different vendors again and having to get smart at this overnight. Working with an OIS consultant eliminated about 20 hours of due diligence work and meetings since OIS was able to do all of this work for us. The side by side market analysis we received was easy to understand and enabled us to make the best decision for our company. We never could have done this on our own

Owner of a 70-employee engineering firm

We had outgrown the software platform we were utilizing with our current PEO. Once we conducted a discovery call and sent the necessary information to our OIS consultant, he was able to prepare a market analysis that clearly illustrated how we could benefit from a more robust technology platform with a different PEO and also take advantage of a 6 figure savings”

CFO of a 100-employee software company

We had worked with our OIS consultant and been with PEOs for several years but we had grown significantly and were curious if PEO was still the best fit for us.  We knew this due diligence process would take up significant hours internally so we decided to ask our OIS consultant to prepare a detailed market analysis comparing various PEO and non PEO options.  After reviewing the analysis, we ultimately decided to take HR back in house, moved forward with a robust HRIS system and OIS was able to fill in the gaps with employee benefits, workers comp, EPLI, etc. and continues to support us in these areas.

Vice President of HR for a 400 plus employee medical group

We had been with a PEO for years but after much due diligence and due to unique internal circumstances, we decided to leave PEO and manage HR in house.  We were introduced to an OIS consultant that gave us the peace of mind that all gaps would be filled during this process.  The OIS Group has supported us in the areas of employee benefits and workers compensation ever since and we continue to be happy with the quality of their work and overall responsiveness.

HR Director for a 50 employee services company

You take care of your team so that they in turn can take care of your clients. The problem is, as your organization grows, that process becomes increasingly complex and costly.

At The OIS Group, we work with you to find the best solutions for your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, which is why we customize everything individually for our clients – saving you time and money so your team can focus on getting back to work taking care of your clients. Want to see what we can do for you? Set up a consultation today.

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