Optimizing Your Workflow to Get Hours Back Every Week

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Time is a premium and we’re all stretched thin, especially those trying to grow a business. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to get more hours back every week? Fortunately, there is and while it might take just a little upfront effort, the payoff will be well worth it.

Using Automation to Optimize Your Workflow

Running an efficient SMB requires you to routinely optimize your business processes. A good place to start is with your workflows.

A workflow is a series of steps that follow the same sequence every time it’s performed. When done correctly, the workflow takes a task from point A to point B consistently and predictably every time.

For example, you likely have a workflow for onboarding new employees. From extending an offer to getting them up and running at their desk, a sequence of events must take place, and that sequence of events should look the same no matter who does it.

The challenge with this is that many workflows rely on manual processes. Manual processes take time and they’re prone to errors. To speed up your workflows and thus gain more time back in your week, you should consider automation to optimize your processes.

Many outsourced HR partners leverage advanced human capital management systems that centralize data and automate a business’ HR needs. With automation, not only can you literally save hours, but you also eliminate confusion and minimize mistakes.

Lastly, as you make plans to optimize your workflows, it’s also important to document your process so that any employee can step in and do the task. When a workflow begins to morph and adapt over time because someone deviates from the documentation, it can become less effective and efficient.

To learn more about maximizing efficiency in your business, contact us at The OIS Group. Our priority is to help you make the most informed, cost-effective decisions that will drive success for your SMB.

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