How Can I Improve My Admin Department?

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Your administrative team plays an essential role in your business operations. The tasks your admin team performs are critical to the success of your business, yet they can be very time-consuming and stressful. Giving your administrative team the tools and resources they need to be successful not only boosts morale and fosters employee engagement, but it also contributes to the overall health of your entire SMB operation.

Improving Employee Engagement by Streamlining Processes

The admin role holds a central place in any business, but too often it’s given short shrift. Ask anyone, however, and I think we can all agree that it would be nearly impossible to survive without having a dedicated support staff who literally keeps the ship afloat.

It’s time to give your administrative team the resources they need to thrive and contribute efficiently to your office operations. Doing so will make their work life better and encourage them to feel more motivated and engaged in their job. Here are some ways you can improve your admin department and boost employee morale.

  • Implement technology solutions: Office management software, project management tools and communication platforms help streamline administrative tasks. Moreover, automation can significantly reduce manual effort and minimize errors.

  • Offer compliance confidence: Admin departments have the stressful job of ensuring compliance with many HR processes especially those related to payroll and benefits. If your business leverages outsourcing solutions for some of these task-heavy processes, you can free up your admin team’s time and mental capacity to contribute to your business in other important ways.

  • Share feedback and gratitude: Stress can get in the way of expressing genuine appreciation and feedback to your admin team. Be sure you make time for employee performance conversations with all team members, including those in your admin department – and tell them thanks on the regular.


We ask a lot of our admin department. Make sure they have the support and tools they need to meet and exceed expectations while feeling valued and appreciated for all they do.

For help maximizing all your SMB’s resources, contact us at The OIS Group. We’ll conduct a full review free of charge and offer a custom solution just for your business.

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