About The OIS Group


The OIS Group is a consulting and PEO brokerage firm which offers a custom, tailored approach toward management of Human Resources, Employee Benefits and Insurance.

By leveraging economies of scale and expert team resources, we help organizations streamline processes, reduce exposure, and improve the bottom line by making informed, cost effective decisions. Rather than getting immersed in time consuming, non-core HR and administrative functions, our clients can focus on growing their businesses and attracting the best employee talent.

Our well rounded industry knowledge, proprietary process, and access to the entire HR outsourcing, software and services marketplace differentiate us from the competition and status quo.  Without being linked to any one product line or strategy, a flexible platform enables us to take an unbiased approach toward understanding your needs and customizing the best solution for your company.  Our model eliminates having to purchase products and services in silos which often reduces compatibility, consumes too much company time, and interferes with good decision making.

We aim to create the right opportunity for your business to thrive while reducing the confusion, stress, and unnecessary fees.  Whether outsourcing with a PEO or managing these functions in house,  The OIS Group can provide the expertise, transparency, and financial comparisons to streamline the decision making process and achieve better results.


About Our Principal

Hugh Quinn Is the founder of The OIS Group. With more than 24 years’ experience in the HR outsourcing industry working with key players, both large and small, Hugh has the background and expertise to analyze a company’s specific HR needs and recommend cost effective solutions. His experience and unique business model, combined with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, assure outcomes that meet and exceed client expectations.

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