Human Resources Outsourcing

Finding The Right HR Solution

Businesses across all industries face a wide variety of HR challenges and too often make less than optimal decisions.

When considering outsourcing your human resources needs, the most common types of solutions are Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Administrative Solutions Outsourcing (ASO), and payroll services. The OIS Group fills a much needed advisory role and will work with you to determine which solution is best for your organization.

What is the difference between PEO, ASO, and payroll services?

Feature PEO ASO Payroll
Economies of Scale Created by Group Purchasing Power
Transfer of Liability
Master Health Plan
401k Plan and Administration
Employee Service Center
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Workers Compensation Insurance and Claims Management
Safety Programs
Employee Benefits Administration
Employee handbook, policies & procedures
Compliance assistance with Local, State, and Federal labor laws
HR consultation and support
Management and Supervisor Trainings
Unemployment Claims Management
Systems Integration
Learning Management software
Applicant tracking software
Performance Management software
HRIS software
Payroll Administration/Software  ♦

Professional Employer Organization (PEO):

By forming a co-employment relationship and becoming your HR partner, a PEO can reduce employee related expenses, increase profitability, and free up businesses to focus on their core competencies.

When you hire a PEO, your company will receive a wide variety of HR services including: A dedicated HR team with experts in various areas, HRIS software, payroll processing, employee benefits administration, recruiting services, worker’s compensation, risk/safety management, protection from employment-related lawsuits, unemployment claims management, training and development, and much more.

Due to the economies of scale generated through the Co-Employment relationship, PEOs can typically deliver a robust, fully integrated HR software and services solution while also providing unique, Fortune 500 style benefits otherwise unattainable for small and medium size businesses. This can make room for your organization to attract stronger talent, streamline processes, and reduce much of the administrative burden and liability associated with human resources.

Administrative Services Organization (ASO):

An ASO provides outsourced solutions to meet the administrative and Human Resources needs of the client.

Similar to a PEO, HR Specialists give businesses relief from the day-to-day burdens of employee management and administration through payroll and tax management, human resources support, risk and compliance consulting, employee benefits administration, corporate trainings, and more.

Unlike a PEO, the service provided through an ASO does not establish a co-employment relationship which means the client retains all employment-related risks and liabilities without the benefit of group purchasing power. The client is also required to keep many of their own client sponsored policies in place such as group health insurance and other employee benefits, workers compensation, EPLI, 401k plan, etc.


Outsourcing payroll through a PEO, ASO, or payroll service allows businesses to pay employees accurately while also reducing the administrative burden and liability associated with processing payroll and filing taxes in house.

At The OIS Group, we’ll evaluate all options and pay close attention to details such as job costing, time clock interface, general ledger interface, payroll cards, management of any required wage garnishments, process benefit deductions, online hours reporting, online and customizable reporting, direct deposits, and more.

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